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Sant’Angelo Bridge (Rome, Italy) by Scott SM on Flickr.

"I would look at my younger self and just say don’t doubt yourself too much, and don’t let the one terrible thing you hear negate the hundred great things that you’ve heard. You matter because you exist.”


"I’ve met a lot of my closest friends after I turned 30, and Rashida’s certainly one of them. It’s so nice to be able to find a like-minded person who you really admire. And who’s your homie." - Amy Poehler x

“She’s just so cool. Like beyond being funny, she’s just like honestly the coolest person I know… We’re really good friends and we have this little support system. We’re like chosen sisters… Amy and I were best friends for a long time before the show. So we get to go to work together every day and we hang out on the weekends. Like we actually do talk and text each other all the time.” - Rashida Jones x

“Aubrey always makes surprising choices. She took the character of April and made her this multi-dimensional person. Scary and soft. And always hilarious. Unlike April, she is really open and light and a secret goofball. Plus, she’s part witch, so she can turn you into dust. Watch what you say about her.” - Amy Poehler x

“[Amy]’s already kind of my girlfriend, and I’m not saying that in a jokey way. We had a moment last year, late at night, when we decided we were gonna end up together. For now, we have to let boys come and go, but we’re kind of in love.” - Aubrey Plaza x

today was my lsat day at work after 5 years and regularas kept buyinmg me drinks and it was sad yeet happy at the same time??? and i can;t type any more. but yeah it was weird because i’ve been there so long and i’m happyt to be leaving but sad at the same time because everyone was so nice to me whernn i told them i was going. i should probably go to bed.

posted on Sunday, 31 Aug

The One with All the Pizzas.



BATDOG & Robin, to the rescue!! by Crusoe Celebrity Dachshund



No, I have… there’s a movie I want to watch on TV. Sleep tight. See you in the morning.

The X Files - 1x11 - 'Eve'

"I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And I was really… I was alive."


Film Genre Meme: action (1/5)

What’s wrong with you?! What you screaming for?! Every five minutes there’s a bomb or somethin’! I’m leavin’! BZZZZT!

The Fifth Element (1997)


"But you are a woman who stage dives…" [x]

another idiot journalist.  cayou ever imagine them asking a male musician that  jfc.  and she’s so disgusted 

Parks and Recreation Alphabet → f
 ↳ friendship

"First in friendship."

You’re the weak one. And you’ll never know love, or friendship. And I feel sorry for you.